As a Denver realtor, you should use Denver Trulia site for all kinds of real estate listings nowadays. It is a home search engine and real estate marketplace for both home buyers and realtors to acquiring property information, find the right home, listing homes for sale, foreclosure sells and does just about anything that the classified property listing sites will allow you to do. As a realtor of Denver, have you used Trulia for real estate advertising before like promoting homes and apartments? Some people have used it a few years ago for different things and have left it behind. However, it could be that you have a different use for this website now.

Setting Up A Denver Realtor Internet Presence on Trulia

So the first thing is that I want to let you know that Trulia is probably no different than a or or in that it provides a Denver realtor profile with your account. Your realtor profile is basically your cut copy paste descriptions that you might see on Linkedin or on Facebook or your Twitter bio. You can certainly take that profile information and put it into your Trulia Denver account, but basically, you’re going to respond to a whole bunch of questions regarding your specialty rewards. And your interest, your testimonials. You can fill the information to your profile later as you get familiar with Trulia. When you start using Trulia setting up a comprehensive profile is something that you have to do. And it should on your to-do list if you haven’t done it yet. Basically, you’re going to get a profile. You’re going to get a profile for free so it’s free marketing free internet presence if you don’t already have an internet presence this is one way to to get started or to get your feet wet.

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Claiming Your Denver Property Listings on Trulia

When you have an account on Trulia Denver site, you don’t have to upload your listing information manually, which I think is a cool feature for Denver realtors. What I mean by that is that Trulia has listing business relationships with different multiple listing services like,, and LoopNet. So as soon as you added your property listings to the most popular listing services that you participate in the multiple listing services. You’re going to see that your listing will also appear on Trulia Denver. However, it’s probably going to appear with your brokers’ information and not necessarily your contact information. One of the ways that you can claim listings is that you click on my Trulia tab at the top. And then click on listings and you’re going to either type in the address the MLS ID number or your email address. MLS ID number is probably the easiest way to search for property. I highly suggest that wait about two days after you put your Denver property listings into the Multiple Listing Service. So wait two days and then type it in Trulia and start claiming your listings. Another feature the Trulia Denver site has is the statistics information for each listing you claimed. Let’s say you claimed 11 listings and of those listings, you’ve had 1300 or about 1400 of your listings have in property searches. These means that actual buyers that are looking for information for various locations like Lakewood or Denver. All the different areas that your listings cover and how many people have actually clicked on the actual listings. Trulia tells you that and it also tells you how many people have gone to the source either your real estate company website or your own personal website. If you would prefer to let a digital marketing professional help advertise your real estate business you should consider real estate SEO. Dennis and his team can help you get real targeted traffic to your website. The Trulia reporting feature is usually that you pay for at Now Trulia Denver offers you this feature for free which I think is neat. It’s kind of a competitive advantage to considering Trulia versus Realtor.

You can also share the property listing report with your clients. You can send how many people are looking at their listing on Trulia. Trulia Denver gets about three million unique visitors per month so that’s a lot of people looking for property information. Let’s say if you have listings online and you can set it up an alert on Trulia. So that my client receives listing report information on a weekly basis. In addition, you can also attach it to the email.

Scheduling Property Open House on Trulia

Trulia Denver also offers open house scheduling feature. When you have your listings you can set your open house dates. It is important as a Denver realtor. Because a lot of people are now searching for information on their smartphones. So imagine on a Saturday or Sunday, people are out and looking at houses, but they’re not sure which houses are held open. They can certainly download the Trulia app and they can find which open houses are available to them that day. So if you scheduled the open house on Trulia and if people are looking for open house information they’re definitely going to see that your house is open.

Answering Questions on Trulia Advice and Opinions Section

The Advice and Opinions feature of Trulia Denver is the place you should participate in as a Denver realtor. You can actually set yourself up with email alerts. So it basically tells Trulia whenever someone posts about a particular topic or property questions I want you to email me. I want you to do it as often as it happens is one choice or you can get a daily summary of these advice opinions topics questions that you subscribed to. You can also set up a new category which might relate to your business such as Denver foreclosure sale on Trulia. All you have to do is pick that category to choose a location and then just hit save alert. For example, you subscribed the topics that I’m looking at to family this is a client that’s speaking looking at a two-family home in Park Hill area of Denver. You can click on this question to the full question display. Then the site going to show you how many Realtors have already responded or if you have no other Realtors have responded that you’re going to be able to answer this question you can also email if you can share it on multiple websites like Facebook or Twitter.

Sharing Trulia Listings to Social Media

The best feature of Trulia Denver is that you have your listings and you don’t have to add property details. You don’t have to add photos because it’s already been added and if you click on your listings you can certainly share it on other networks such as your Facebook, your Twitter. All you have to do is click the icon the F indicating Facebook. This is an example of social bookmarking available to Denver realtors right now. with Trulia, you’re able to just share this listing information with either your clients or your contacts on different networks.

Get on Trulia

So again, you have your Denver realtor profile free in Trulia. And you have the ability to claim your listings for free. You can also get the free client listing reports and also your ability to follow different topics as well as response to topics that see whether or not you can increase in their presence or your even your reputation so that people can start contacting you.

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If you’re not using Trulia Denver, you should. I think it’s a great website for Denver realtors to sell properties.

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