Providing high-quality blog posts from the website is the key factor to website success. Google looks for web content that adds value and not just a bunch of spun or duplicate words from somewhere else over the Internet.

Although there already a ton of content out on The Web, people still create value-added content to meet the needs of every user search on the Web. So here I gave 6 tips for writing a blog post.

Tip #1 – Remember add value.

Why would people like to read your blog posts instead of others? What will people get the reading? It is because of the value being added to the blog. For example, if people search with a question, does your posts would answer or at least provide useful information to them?

Tips #2 – Search engines like Google send the best result so be the best.

Research on the Web before start to write. Write your blog posts that provides more information, easier to read and more fun to readers.

Tips #3 – Include target keyword in the headline.

Use effective headline such as “how to”, “top 10 benefits”, “5 better ways to” etc. Make sure your target keyword is naturally included in the title.

Tips #4 – Build your blog post body.

When start to write, make sure to follow the guidelines below.

  • The purpose of your post is to answers a question or solves a problem.
  • Make the post to be the best.
  • Readable. Include bullet points, sub-headings numbered lists in the post body.
  • Include keyword in title, first paragraph, a sub-heading and 1-2 other places in the post.

Tips #5 – The blog post should be 500 words minimum.

Tips #6 – No cheating. Write blog posts free of plagiarism.