Content marketing refers to a planned marketing approach dedicated to creation and distribution of relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain a well-defined audience and eventually drive a profitable customer action.

Meaning of content marketing?

In a nutshell, as opposed to pitching products or services, in this form of marketing you deliver info that makes the buyer more knowledgeable.  The significance of this content strategy centers on the belief that if we as our businesses, can deliver consistent, continuing valuable information to the buyers, they will eventually reward us with business loyalty.

Content marketing involves sharing of tips, valuable advice, as well other value-added information as a way of converting prospects to customers and also customers to loyal, lasting, repeat buyers.

Using the opt-in permission to provide content through RSS, email, social media channels, feeds, as well as other methods, you are aiming at becoming a valued source of valuable content for thousands of potential customers who will eventually want to buy the product or service you’re selling. For weeks, months, and years, you create a strong relationship your customers and win their trust. What’s for sure, you do not want to just sell them once and never see them again. It is important to make a solid friendship with customers who enjoy buying from your business to make them lifetime customers.

How to make this content strategy to work?

Content marketing only works out if things are done right:

  • Creating a blog, building and establishing a platform.
  • You also need to have social media presence across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube among other networks.
  • Others execute it by offering free content to get contact information in return.
  • Having a list of people in your auto-responder and regularly sending informative tips as well as advice on useful information.

As a matter of fact, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned, and this you achieve by showing up wherever there might be prospects hanging online. Wherever the customers go, you must always avail yourselves with their approval. This ensures the customers do not miss you, and you too don’t miss them.  Cast a bigger net which covers every area of the target sea to aid in finding a variety of fish you have never seen before or even thought about.

Continued content marketing will drive you to become a publisher through the various marketing tools available. The moment you start to see yourself as a publisher, then you can tell you did things right. However, everybody is a publisher in the world we live in today.


Business experienced persons out there need to watch marketing activities they have used for a period of time to determine it really feels like publishing. As magazines or TV, you have to provide consistent content. It’s important that you provide your consumers as well as prospects with fresh and consistent content. Otherwise, you were only a provider of products and services in the past.  Now, you have become a trusted expert resource for your consumers.