Phase 3: On Page SEO Factors

/Phase 3: On Page SEO Factors

Phase 3: On Page SEO Factors

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Phase 2: SEO Action Plan & SEO Strategy Map
Phase 3: On Page SEO Factors
Phase 4: Off Page Optimization & Backlink Building
Phase 5: SEO Analytics and Reporting

seo-processphase-3Being indexed and ranked on Google depends on many factors, beginning with the different on page SEO factors on your website. Optimizing these factors helps search engine crawlers find your website, index the pages appropriately, and rank it according to your desired keywords. On-page optimization plays a big role in ensuring the success of SEO campaign.

We check the following on page factors:

  • Incorrectly implemented tags.
  • Server-side code showing up in the HTML code.
  • Meta robots tags.
  • CSS manipulation.
  • Excessive script code.
  • Analytics tagging.
  • Name, Address, Phone number(NAP) rich snippet.
  • Product snippet.
  • Review Snippet.
  • Video Snippet.
  • Title tag.
  • Meta description tag.
  • H1 tag.

How we address on page SEO:

We put our effort on optimizing pages for both search engines and your potential customers. We conducting a process of understanding how your customers think when they searching for products or services with purchasing intention. All of the information give us the clue on which interests or needs need to be addressed during on-page optimization.

  • Captivating, Keyword-Focused Title Tag.
  • Strong call-to-action meta description.
  • Keyword-focused, powerful headline.
  • Topically & keyword-focused on page content.
  • Call-to-action.
  • Customer friendly site structure.
  • Build trust & credibility signals.
  • Social shareable pages.

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