Phase 4: Off Page Optimization & Backlink Building

/Phase 4: Off Page Optimization & Backlink Building

Phase 4: Off Page Optimization & Backlink Building

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Phase 4: Off Page Optimization & Backlink Building
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seo-process-phase-4Links have always affected how a search engine perceives a website. The type of pages that link back to your site can have a significant impact on your brand’s visibility and traffic. Link building processes have changed as search engines evolve.

Penguin’s release proved that “bad” links from questionable websites or massive amounts of paid links can be major liabilities.

Our backlink building process ensures that your website’s links are composed of authority website endorsements or relevant citations that improve your overall link profile, not just for now, but for the future as well.

How we approach off page optimization

Backlink Profile Evaluation

Backlink Analysis: We evaluate the existing backlinks of your website. Thus to examine the quality, quantity, and diversity of the existing backlinks to your website.On page Link Fix: We fix your internal linking structure to make sure all your backlinks are working. And all the necessary redirects and error pages are in the right place.

Inbound Link Cleanup: We take down or disavowing spammy or harmful third-party backlinks if any. This process will make sure a healthy backlink profile of your website that will benefit your website authority and pass the test of search engine algorithm updates.

Quality Content Development

We earn most of your backlinks by producing link-worthy content. Our blog writers focusing on making the original, high-quality and business relevant content that provide the informational & shareable value to draw the attention of your potential audience.

Diversity and Contextual Anchor Links

We make sure everything from keywords to anchor text placements and targeting pages are optimized for your potential customers and search engine. We also focusing on the diversity of backlinks and anchor text to avoid being penalized for over-optimization or link spamming.

Link diversification
We developing inbound links on multiple websites with unique domains and IP addresses. A unique links search engine see, the more they will treat your website as an authority source of information.

Anchor text diversification
We diverse anchor text into 4 types of keywords: brand name keywords, exact match keywords, partial match keywords, generic keywords.

Building a Publishing Network

We collect and build a network of relevant publishing channels based on your business. We the make the high-quality content handing to authority publications to acquire the links for your website SEO campaign. We distribute backlinks into the following types of publications:

Press release.
Downloadable e-books, guides, infographics & white papers.
Videos and webinars.
Informative blogs and magazine news.

We have strong engaging relationships with much high authority online publishers. This is to guarantee that your backlinks only be placed on quality and relevant pages on the Web.

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