When talking about the tips for website SEO services, the keyword selection always the very first step in planning a website SEO strategy. Keyword selection is the work composed of art and science. The goal of keywords selection is to find a group of targeting keywords that your customers will use when searching for the products or services you are offering. The keyword selection guide is the most important SEO tips for your website. The key to an effective keyword selection is to find the balance between keywords search volume and keywords competitiveness of your website. The good news is that I will guide you to the effective keywords selection for your website.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the terms or phrases(whatever you want to call) that search engine users entered into the search text bar like Google. The job of the search engine is to find the most relevant pages based on the keywords.

So knowing the languages that your customers will speak for your product or services is the essential factors to success keywords selection.

Keywords are falling into three basic categories based on the monthly search volume: Heading keywords, long tail keywords, ultra long tail keywords.

Heading keywords and Tips

Heading keywords are the obvious terms that contributed to 30% of total searches. Heading keywords have a large number of search volume and the high competitiveness. The heading keywords still count when talking about SEO for a website. However, trying to optimize the heading keywords on pages without the support from long tail terms could run into time and money wasting process.

Long tail keywords and Tips

Long tail keywords refer to the long tail of search, which is 70% of search queries occur. Long tail keywords appear to be a good balance between search volume and competitiveness. Select long tail keywords for search engine optimization is the low cost and high return approach for many websites. Your websites that targeting long tail keywords is likely to receive a good amount of visitors who are highly relevant to your products or services. A page optimized on the keyword ‘japanese hybrid used car dealer’ would generate highly relevant customers and have less competition than a page optimized for ‘used car dealer’. Hire an SEO expert to make your keyword selection effective and risk-free.

long tail keywords

Ultra long tail keywords and Tips

The ultra long tail keywords are the terms that receive by the search engine for the first time. Those terms in a given industry are typically not visible via any of the major keyword research databases such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads. A page optimized for the ultra long tail keywords would be in the top rank when customer search for the ultra terms. The downside is that ultra long tail keywords need a good amount of research and analysis to predict.


Selecting keywords that less than average search volumes still could be a good choice for website SEO. Because of the high relevancy. The ideal goal of keyword selection for website SEO is to drive the highly targeted customers from the organic searches.

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