Today’s real estate market is full of fast-paced buyers and ever changing tech, which means marketing your property with video is a must.

Buying or selling a home involves a lot of emotional and subjective decisions. Before these transactions even take place, real estate professionals need to work with these decisions and get creative to even get in front of these buyers and sellers in the first place.

Using the real estate video is one of the best ways to appeal to the emotional, subjective factors that come with just about every transaction.

So let’s walk through 4 simple steps to get your real estate video off the ground the right way.

Step #1 Set your strategy before start

It’s time to figure out where to start. Your brokerage might have a hundred agents with thousands of listings covering dozens of neighborhoods. The thought of filming everything can quickly become overwhelming. I have two words for you: start small.

The quality is gold. Don’t expect great returns if you don’t make the investment in quality. So one of the strategies is committing to quality. This is the one thing that has proven itself time after time is you get what you pay for.

Make evergreen videos. A few examples of evergreen videos.

  • Branding video.
  • Agent bios.
  • Neighborhood tours.

Step #2 Hire a professional filmmaker

Let me say that again. The quality is gold. Here are questions you need to answer before you start contacting potential filmmakers.

  • Who’s your target audience, and what tone and message do you want to convey? Buyers looking for one-bedroom urban condos will have different needs than buyers looking for a four-bedroom single-family home in the suburbs.
  • Do you want to be featured on camera or have more of a lifestyle vibe?
  • Do you want music and voiceovers?
  • Do you want aerial footage or time lapses?
  • Do you want to interview local businesses for information about the town?

Step #3 Rank on Google & YouTube

Since video has become such an important part of the internet, Google will often include video results in Google searches. Since Google owns YouTube, videos can rank higher than blogs or news sites. In order to get your video to rank well on Google and Youtube, you need to make sure it’s at least 5 minutes long (try not to go over 5 minutes if you can), and include keywords in the title, description, video file name, and tags.

Step #4 Promote Your Videos on Social Media

You can’t just put your video online and expect the leads to roll in. If you want to get more views and more leads, you need to promote your video on social media. Social media shares and channel subscriptions are also very important criteria for Google. Encourage friends, coworkers, and clients to share the video, subscribe to your channel, and give it a thumbs up.

Real Estate SEO Guide

Types of Real Estate Videos

1.The Introduction Video

An introduction video is a quick, friendly video that you can use to introduce yourself to cold leads online, as well as warmer leads who want to get to know you better.

Example Introduction Video from Jillian Allen Kotler CA-based real estate agent.

2.The Testimonial Video

Testimonial video can go a long way in convincing cold leads you’re competent and trustworthy. Testimonial videos are incredibly versatile for real estate marketing. You can weave a few great testimonials into your introduction video. Or, you can keep them separate and feature a testimonial video on a testimonials page on your website.

Example Testimonial Video from Kristin Bryan. A Central Oregon Real Estate Broker

3.The Neighborhood Tour Video

A neighborhood tour is another evergreen real estate marketing video that you can use over and over again to show off your marketing chops and local expertise for both buyer and seller clients.

Example Neighborhood Tour Video from Stellar Realty NW Portland Oregon.

4.The Listing Videos

When most people think of real estate videos, they’re thinking of listing videos. There’s a very good reason for this. Listing videos not only help sell homes, they’re also a great way to impress your current and future seller clients. A portfolio of great listing videos will help you land more seller clients.

Example Listing Video from Michelle Fraser of Re/Max Hallmark Fraser Group Realty, Brokerage.


Remember that your real estate videos should serve one primary purpose – to create business for you. So try the tips and ideas above to start creating effective real estate videos that have a chance to make sells.