Step 1: Who is Your Idea Buyer
Step 2: Get to Know Your Visitors
Step 3: Prospecting
Step 4: Have a Conversation
Step 5: Close Leads

Running a business, but struggling to acquire new customers? We’re here to give you a proven step by step guide on how to build a steady of quality leads funnel for your business. You can start right away by yourself without the big budget.


Step 1: Who is Your Idea Buyer

Knowing your idea buyers is critical while you running a business. You need to know who they are and what they do before you can start closing deals. Better understand your idea buyers will fundamentally helping you generate the quality leads and making a higher conversation rate. Let’s get started how to reach more of the right prospects and build the traffic to your website by drawing their attentions.

Question: Who are You Trying to Reach?

“Would you like fries with that?”
“Yes please.”

Like fries? I do. And there are plenty of folks who like fries too, but there are plenty who wouldn’t eat it, too.

And that’s OK.

The same principles applied regarding of marketing a business.

It’s highly likely that business owners run into a “the bigger the better” concept when thinking about a marketing plan to reach their audience. The fact is that when you set the broader and larger prospects targeting, your name sank in the massive sea of markets.

Identifying your idea customers and targeting them specifically will actually drive more opportunities. Your name only shows in front of people who interested in your niche business. Before building up a marketing plan for new leads, write down the type of prospects who you want to acquire and their specific interests.

Narrowing your ideal buyer will secure a solid marketing foundation for next steps. Creating and serving high-value content to your targeted prospects to bring quality leads to your website.

Goal: Having the Quality Traffic to Your Website.

Nowadays people are having the digital life and most of the times it starts with a search. Everyone use search engines like Google to research and review information before making a decision. Your role as a business owner is to be an authority for your business niche and offering valuable information to your targeted prospects. So more and more prospects will depend on you at each stage of their purchasing process.

You have a website? Good but it’s not enough. Working on your website to make it as a resources place for your prospects. So your website will be a lead generation machine to actively drive quality traffic and grow your business.

In digital marketing, there are 3 major channels to achieve this goal. SEO, PPC and Social Media.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the most effective way to drive quality traffic to your website with long-term benefits. To take advantages of SEO, follow the tips below:

Having a fast and well-structured website.

Producing quality and keywords targeted content on your website.

Outreach to websites and partners in your niche to build links back to your website.

If you are looking for SEO expert, contact us for a free consultation.

How to ranking your website on local searches in 2018

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PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads

Invest some of your marketing budgets into Google Adwords in the targeted prospects who are ready to buy. Here are some tips to consider when using PPC:

Selecting the right keywords. Find your balance between high traffic and low cost.

Having a customized landing page for your PPC campaign.

Consulting with a digital marketing agency and outsourcing.

Social Media

Social media enables business owners to engage with their prospects like never before. Sharing content and offer a value, you will be able to increase the awareness and social signals of your company. Use the following guidelines for social media:

Choose one or two social media platform and have all your resources and efforts there.

Treat social media as a communication channel with your prospects.


Step 2: Get to Know Your Visitors

Now you have visitors. Your goal on this step is to establish the connection between your visitors and you as a business. Many prospects arrived on your website, but exit with out left anything. So Don’t miss connections.

As a business owner, you need to understand most of the prospects are not in the stage of making a purchase. They may just start the buying process and still in researching and collecting information.

So your goal of the early stage prospects is not trying to sell them and close the deal. Instead, you want to connect the early prospects by providing value and trust to them. Thus, you will have a much better chance to win these prospects when they decide to buy.

How can you know your visitors? Let’s get started with two simple tactics.

Show authority and value – offer a free giveaway

Forget about the old school sales tactics like pushing sales force and big budget advertising. Marketing nowadays is more about educating prospects by offering high quality and valuable resources and services. Simple loads the marketing budget into ads won’t work in today’s markets. The more personalized marketing, the more chances you will win the deals.

Small businesses stay close to their customers. It is an advantage for small business owners to understand the problems and offer the insightful resources to help the prospects.

Offering a free giveaway is a simple marketing tactics to grow your prospects list by offering useful resources in exchange for the contact information such as email or phone number.

An example of a free giveaway:


The email newsletter signs up is used by many businesses by offering regular newsletter update to the prospects email inbox. Some B2B businesses are offering the white papers or free ebook that cover a topic in deep on their websites. Others may just an infographic or slides for free download.

Selecting a topic or finding a problem both related to your products or services and your prospects may interested in. Become the authority of your prospects by showing your expertise.

Collect information – build a landing page


You have a free giveaway so what? Now you want the visitors to take an action before they leaving.

Unknown prospects come to your website and you have drawn their attention and interests on the free giveaway. The goal is to teach and guide them to the action by leaving their information to you on the website. A landing page is to help you to achieve this goal.

A well-designed landing page will increase the conversation rate and turn your unknown prospects into leads.

A good landing page has the following elements:

  • Minimize distractions on page
  • Have a clear call-to-action
  • Tell the benefits or solutions
  • Ask for minimum contact information

With the two simple tactics, you will turn your unknow prospects into quality leads. As a business, you established the relationships and earned their trust whenever the potential customers want to buy from you.


Step 3: Prospecting

Now you have a growing list of leads who show the interests to your products or services. In the step of prospecting, you will start to get better understand your leads.


Having an update to date CRM is critical for your marketing daily operations. Keep your leads information organized will help you building a highly personalized conversation with the leads. Thus results in a high closing rate.

We help you knowing your leads by go through the following process: tagging leads, grouping leads and prioritizing leads.

Tagging Leads

Tags give multiple dimensions to a lead. Tags can be anything related a lead such as location, age, jobs.

Grouping Leads

Grouping is to organizing your leads into groups by selecting similar tags. For instance, let’s say you are running a real estate agency. You could tag leads based on locations. And you could also tag your leads based on their social status such as senior citizens, married couple, recent college grads.

Now you have all your leads tagged. You want to make a group based on your current marketing campaign. Say you have a list of retirement homes fit for senior citizens around the area of North Miami, Florida. You will have this group of leads right away because you already have each lead tagged with locations and social status.

Prioritizing Leads

Let’s say not all leads are equal. And the fact is they are not! Your job on prioritizing leads is to making a sales list based on how engaged they are with your business.

Trying to sell to a cold lead can’t be a smart approach. It is will be easy and effective if you put your sales effort on warm leads who have learned and interested in your products or services for a while.

With tags, groups, and prioritize your leads, you will be getting a quick sale no matter you use an email, direct mail or phone calls.


Step 4: Have a Conversation

Any deals start with a conversation. You have grouped and prioritized leads. Now the conversation starts.

The key to winning a conversation with a lead is to make it personal. Thus, send the highly targeted emails to your leads. The conversation can be an email, but it can also be phone calls, direct mails. The point is, you need to be personal.

A conversation will be in 3 stages. Awareness, education, and sales.


Tell your leads why you love what you do, the history story of your business, the latest news, and tips related to your products or services. It is good to have your new coming leads be aware of your brand or names.


For the leads who has shown interests in topics related to your products or services you offer, you need an educational conversation. Start with a problem and mention a solution at the end of the conversation to show your expertise.

Educational conversation is perfect for leads have many tags and show interests in your products or services.


Remember the prioritized leads list? What to do with the leads on the top? Start the sales conversation with them!

Tell them what you offer and what the benefits they will get with your products or services. Why they should buy from you other than your competitors. Let your leads know your customer service is awesome.

Leads on the top of priority list are ready to make the purchase. So tell them you are the right choice!


Step 5: Close Leads

At Step 5, you have knowledge and resources equipped. Now your need to pick up the leads who ready to make a deal with you from the conversations you started from the last step. And then have the conversation with them individually to close the deals.

Only speak with leads who interested in your products or services. Don’t waste time on the phone with a cold lead. Here we give you some clues to help you how to determine which lead you want to speak.

Lead who submitted a contact form via your website

This is so obviously. People who submitted their contact information via your website contact form because they want you to contact them! You should put the first priority on those leads because of they highly interested in your products or services.

Leads on the top of prioritized leads list from your CRM

Reach out to these leads to understand their pain point. And see if you can help them by using your expertise. Any effort you put will increase the trust on your leads. When they get ready, ask they for a deal to get to the next stage of the buying process.

Leads visit your pricing page or about page on your website

Stay close to these leads. Be sure to contact them via email or phone call. Ask them if they have all information they needed. Offer a promotion to let them know you care about them.

Yes, you need follow-up! Respond to warm leads before they run into your competitors.

Keep the leads funnel actively working for you all the time.

Stay actively managing and organizing your leads from CRM even you have made few more new customers. It is the fresh blood to keep your business running and growing.

There are also other opportunities you can increase the sales. Such as up-sell and cross-sell, ask for referrals from your existing customers.

Now you have learned how to build a steady lead funnel for your business. We are digital marketing experts who focusing on business marketing in the digital world.

Tell us your business and we are happy to offer you a free digital marketing strategy plan that fit your situation.