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SEO for CPA Firms

It can be tough to attract new business, especially as a CPA firm.


Most people and businesses do not seek CPA services until they actually needed. So they will likely look online to identify a reputable and local CPA firm that will be able to work with them.

Online searches are critical, and getting noticed in a sea of other possible accounting firm websites can be difficult.

So getting your CPA firm website noticed online means a lot to you.

And this is why we offer CPA SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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SEO is Critical to a Accounting Firm

SEO is Critical to the CPA Firm

How much chance your CPA firm gets noticed when people start searching for accounting services online?

One of the best solutions is to appear higher up in Google when searching for it.

It sounds simple, but appearing higher up on Google can actually be quite difficult. Is isn’t?

Many CPA firms out there, and they all likely provide similar services to their clients and customers.

How can a single CPA firm increase their chances of getting noticed?

This is why SEO for CPA firms is so critical.

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Knowing SEO Can Help Your Business

Search Engine Optimization is just a fancy way of explaining how certain keywords and specific key phrases can be used on a website to make it appear at a higher position on search engine’s results lists.

Client types in some terms into Google and a list of potentially relevant websites will pop up. These websites are sorted by many different factors.

We help CPA firms to make sure their websites appear higher up on search result lists with certain search terms.

We understand the particular terms that your potential clients may use when they are looking to find a CPA firm online.

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Knowing SEO Can Help Your Business

People are Looking For Accounting Firm Online

People are Looking For CPA Services Online

You want your CPA firm website to get noticed. Just hoping people stumble across the site is no longer enough.

A digital strategy needs to be put into place to help people find your CPA firm more easily.

Most people only click on the first few search results before making their choice. Appearing higher up on the Google’s results means that you are more likely to be seen by possible clients who need CPAs.

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How Does It Work?

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During the consultation, you will also discover the specifics of how your business can benefit from web optimization and which strategy and action plan is best for your CPA firm.

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