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Real Estate SEO Services

Real estate is a competitive business that has a lot of companies vying for the same customers and properties.


This field is also especially competitive when it comes to advertising. Real estate businesses are famous for their advertising efforts, and individual local realtors are known by coming up with creative and unique ways to get potential clients.

While many real estate companies use traditional advertising methods like television advertisements, billboards, word of mouth, and even park benches, it is important to remember how critical for real estate business to get noticed online.

And there is a proven solution for it,

That is real estate SEO Services.

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Real Estate SEO Services

Local SEO White Paper

All SEO aims to increase the visibility of a business to a targeted audience. By focusing on customers and prospects in a specific area, local SEO can drive traffic to websites and physical establishments. Download the Local SEO White Paper and see how we can make your brand famous in your area.

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SEO Boost Real Estate Sales

SEO Boost Real Estate Sales

A lot of people shy away from digital marketing and find acronyms like SEO intimidating.

You should not because SEO can help your real estate business in the long run.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which is a fancy sounding term that actually makes a great deal of sense. When you want to find something out online you probably go to Google and type in a few relevant words. Then you hit search and a list of relevant websites pops up for you to look through.

How does the search engine rank these results in the vast internet?

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Get your real estate business ahead of competitors.

Our highly customized quality SEO services only designed for your business success. So get in touch to request an expert-checked SEO strategy session.

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Knowing Your Clients’ Search Terms

There are different algorithms used by Google but one thing most of them have in common is that they consider the keywords or phrases that you typed into the search box. These words were an indication to the search engine what you wanted to know more about.

So how that related to my real estate business?

Real estate business needs to consider the keywords your customers usually use on websites in order to appear in the search results when potential clients go online looking for realtors.

However, there is another critical factor,

Most people only look at the first few search results when they use a search engine. Websites listed on several pages of results are often never considered or even seen by users.

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Knowing Your Clients’ Search Terms

local seo

SEO Strengthen Real Estate Business in Local Search

How can your real estate business ensure it contains the specific words that local customers are looking for when they search online?

This is a question a lot of business owners ask themselves, which is why real estate SEO services are so popular.

Many potential clients use specific terms in Google that real estate companies would never think of. We identify the keywords your clients searched for most often, and weave those words into your website’s content.

This means that the search terms need to appear in your site’s content, but not in a way that makes the site cluttered or unhelpful to potential clients.

Our SEO services develop your real estate site’s content in such a way that the content is useful while standing out to the top rankings.

Why not get in touch for a free SEO strategy session today. See how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local SEO?
Local SEO targets local search specifically. That means that your audience is within a few miles from your business and that your online presence is meant to drive local search traffic to an actual establishment.

How are citations important for Local SEO?
Google considers the number of citations and where they are in their ranking factor. Nonetheless, the critical part of citations is not their number but the consistency of citations. Each citation must be similar; else Google may display different data for your local business.

How long will I see the result?
Popular keywords are taken longer to show results. For keywords in high competition, 3 – 6 months SEO works need to take for first page rankings. For the low competition keywords, the first-page ranking results could be seen as soon as the first month.

What are the methods used in Local SEO?
This is done through several methods including using geo-centric keywords, producing locally relevant content, building citations on local niches and directories, and tying up with websites in the same area.

How does Google understand my local business?
On-Page semantic mark-ups and Google Map API integration also help the search engines understand that a website is the virtual representation of a physical business in the location indicated in the map API and marked up in the schema address.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment via PayPal and other major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover. A service agreement needs to be signed and we will send the billing invoice to your e-mail for the payment before the SEO campaign.

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