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As a business owner, you can potentially generate a lot of customers and visitors from search engine to your website. A lot of business owners missed the opportunity simply because they lack SEO keyword research skills. The good news is that you just found the reliable low-cost keyword SEO service that you can trust.

Keyword research and analysis process always the foundation of quality SEO services. Selecting a reliable keyword SEO service could ensure the best results from organic search performance to highest returns on leads generation and business revenue. Our trust keyword research services help your business uncover the most profitable keywords in your market niche that drives more qualified traffic for leads and sales.

Keyword Research Service For SEO

Search engine optimization oriented keyword research process. Picking up the right keywords is the process of art and science. The goal is to have your website exposure to the qualified searchers as much as possible. The following factors are counted to ensure the biggest returns for clients.

  • Business Relevance. Understanding the business of clients ensures the right directions of keywords selection. The business relevance includes services or products, targeted customer demographics, and targeted markets.
  • Targeted Location. If your customers are from U.S, it is waste time and money to target a high volume search phrase from international users. All selected keywords are properly targeted in geographic for your business.
  • Search Volume. A search phrase with more than 1000 monthly searches is likely to give much more business opportunities than a related search phrase with no more than 100 monthly searches.
  • High Commercial Intended Keywords. Analysis and pick up only from purchase intended search phrases to ensure the high relevance and right customer. “online textbook” has large search volume, but too broad to target. Instead, “buy online textbook” has less search volume, but it’s high commercial intended keyword.
  • Long Tail Search keywords. Long tail keywords have low monthly search volume. However, choosing the right long tail keyword results in a high probability of conversion. If you are in B2B business with each sale over 10K in revenue. Long tail keywords are worth targeting.
  • Keyword Competitor Analysis. Knowing who are your competitors and how they are doing in search for a particular search phrase is extremely important. Building an expectation on how much effort to put for the competition, while learning best keyword practices from your competitors.
  • Local Keyword Searches. Local keyword research and analysis applied the local keyword research methodology. Businesses that serve local markets have an extra process to ensure the local markets are well-targeted to drive the neighborhood customers.
  • Affordable Keyword SEO Service. We understand the tight marketing budget from business owners. We happy to offer the low-cost research keyword service, and build reliable and trust relationship with business owners.

Keyword Research For Niche Markets

When it comes to niche marketing for keyword research, you cannot afford to have a wrong direction. The keyword research service also specialized in finding the niche keywords for your niche market website no matter what you do. The niche keyword research service brings you the quality traffic that will make the conversion on your niche products or services.

Discover Long Tail Keywords

The long tail search occupied 70% per the total search queries. Customers use long tail keywords in search engine with a well-defined search intent. For example, the search term “single lever kitchen faucet wholesale texas” defines a buying-intended customer looking for a wholesaler who sells single lever kitchen faucet in Texas. In May 2007, Google Vice President Udi Manber said that 25% of all search queries on Google in a day are terms that first time being recorded by Google. This is a so-called “ultra-long tail”. The ultra-long tail keywords are not visible from any keywords research tools. Long tail keywords need a good amount of research and analysis. The keyword research service uses advanced methods finding long-tail terms for your business.

Keyword Competition Analysis

The keyword competition analysis is a must-have step in order to pick up the right targeting keyword for your business. Write down the top competitors for a particular search term, and learn the strength and drawback of each keyword competitor. The process of keyword competitive analysis helps to line up a customized keyword competition strategy. The strategy examines how much SEO efforts need to be given to a target keyword for first-page ranking. And also the good keywords and content practices that competitors are using, which we could apply too. The keyword research service included a comprehensive keyword competition analysis report that lines up the competition strategies for your business.

Frequent Ask Questions

Does the service processed by tools instead of real people?

No! The keyword research and analysis is a 100% manual job. In order to accurately determine a keyword is easy to go for or not, a manual keyword competitive analysis has to be performed. The tools cannot make this decision because it has little knowledge of the situation from clients. The tool is only used for the assistance of repeating tasks such data collection, keywords mining.

What the keyword set means?

1 keyword set includes 1 primary targeting keyword and 5 secondary long tail keywords. The secondary keyword is used on the same web page to support the targeting keyword from SEO stand point of view. So if you request for 1 targeting keyword, you actually will get 1 primary targeting keyword plus 5 secondary long tail keywords.

What is your service turnaround time?

The turnaround time depends on the number of keywords requested. For less than 10 targeting keywords, the turnaround time is 2 business days.

Do you accept payment methods other than PayPal?

PayPal is the only payment method available through my service. Please note, even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you still be able to make the payment by credit card via the PayPal invoice I send.

Do you accept refund?

I do not accept refund due to the nature of keyword research service. If you unsatisfied with a particular keyword by giving me a solid reason, I will be happy to replace that keyword for a new one with no extract cost.

Do you provide niche-specific keywords?

Yes. That is the keyword research service for. The goal of the service is to find the most profitable targeting keywords for your own situation based on your micro or macro niche and your marketing budget.

What will you provide besides the targeting keywords?

Other than the targeting keywords list. You will get two reports. The first report is the keywords competitor research report. The second report is the keywords mapping report, which lines up the implementation plan for the targeting keywords. A free follow-up consultation will conduct based on the time preference of clients.

Do you provide keywords in languages other than English?

Yes, I can provide targeting keywords in English and Chinese.

Work Flow of Keyword Research Service
Discover Your Profitable Keywords

If you interested in increasing qualified visitors to your website, or got questions, please use the form below for an inquiry. The keyword research service delivered extra 5 secondary long tail keywords per primary keyword. The more keywords you want to target, the lower rate for each targeting keyword.

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